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Earn Bitcoin to spawn Diablo Clone

May 17, 2022




May 17, 2022

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Get paid to spawn Diablo Clone

If you are a Diablo 2 content creator right now, and you are trying to organize your community to gather enough sojs to spawn diablo clone, then you might as well get paid to do it!

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Partner Creators collect and hold Stone of Jordans

It is up to the Partner Creators to collect the actual in-game Stone of Jordans from users. Users will submit a request to turn in a Stone of Jordan to a specific Partner Creator on this site. Partner Creators must verify that user's request before it is considered valid.

Any user who submits a Stone of Jordan to a Partner Creator will receive any notifications from that Partner Creator.

Partner Creators mint new msoj

New msoj can only be minted with an approved Proof-of-Diablo. Partner Creators are the only people that can submit a Proof-of-Diablo. The amount of the msoj currency is completely driven by the amount of Partner Creators spawning diablo clones!

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