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Diablo Clone

An alignment of economic incentives

May 17, 2022




May 17, 2022

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Diablo Clone: An Alignment of Economic Incentives

In this article I propose a system where:

  • Diablo content creators are incentivized to spawn diablo clone
  • 100% reliable notifications are possible
  • We have a liquid virtual currency, like forum gold, except it is:
    • 100% transparent and easily verified using blockchain
    • Resets every ladder
    • Tied to real in-game items
Streamers are already live-streaming Diablo Clone walks

Thank goodness for them! I just got an anni on hardcore ladder last week and it was an absolute thrill, thank you Dark Humility!

However in order for these streamers to host walks they first need to collect the sojs. The way diablo spawns now (server-wide rather than IP-restricted) rewards people for not donating their sojs. I can just wait around until a bunch of other people donate their sojs.

Likewise, streamers have to put considerable effort in to organizing and leveraging their community to make these incredible feats happen. Their only reward thus far is ad revenue from youtube/twitch/etc.

A demand for reliable notifications

If you haven't yet, try out the clone tracker on diablo2.io and the clone tracker on d2runewizard.com.

Both are excellent tools with a lot of good work put forward by u/Teeb and u/Prowner1, respectively. Kudos.

However, in practice the notifications are less than 100% reliable. This is mainly driven by the fact that both systems depend on user reports of current diablo spawn status.

Streamers, however, are in full control of when diablo clone spawns. Perhaps they could be incentivized to provide a notification a few hours before they spawn him.

Streamers sell notifications

Straight forward, right? If you want to be given ample notification before a streamer spawns dclone, then you can pay a small fee to that streamer.

Except the money does not go to the streamer when you purchase a notification, it goes in to a pot and is only disbursed once the streamer has provided video proof of selling the sojs and spawning Diablo Clone. Video proof must be in the form of a permanent URL.

This would incentivize streamers to continue pushing for that next dclone spawn. They do not get rewarded until the entire community benefits.

Of course, it's only fair to get notifications if you donated a Stone of Jordan.

But what about the SoJs?

That's nice that it can incentivize streamers to work hard, but what about my soj? Why would I turn it in when I can wait?

Enter a new currency: the Milli Stone of Jordan (msoj).

Milli Stone of Jordan

msoj for short.

Each Stone of Jordan submitted to a streamer will mint 1000 brand new msoj.

Because this is a real in-game item, the new msoj will be region-constrained. Every user will have 4 different balances (HC/SC, L/NL).

That new msoj would not be spendable by the user until the streamer has spawned diablo clone and submitted video proof.

Because the balance of msoj on each region is tied to physical Stone of Jordans, upon ladder resets all Ladder balances will be moved to Non-Ladder and reset to 0.

Users can use msoj on d2CharsiFood.com to bid on auctions, along with regular runes and pgems. Note: I am currently still implementing this, expect it to be done in the next couple days. Maybe it will build some value in the community, maybe it won't, but hey otherwise you get 0 for your donated soj.

Read all the details about msoj

2,500,000 satoshis to the first Partner Creator!

I am giving 2,500,000 satoshis (about $750 right now) to the first streamer to:

1,000,000 satoshis to the second streamer.

500,000 satoshis each to the third, fourth, and fifth

Terms and conditions:

  • Streamers must first apply to be a Partner Creator and be approved before being eligible for the payout.
  • All SoJs must be submitted by users on this site
  • One payout per streamer. No duplicates.
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