Proof of Diablo

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Proof of Diablo

Live-stream selling sojs to mint new msoj

May 17, 2022




May 17, 2022

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Proof-of-Diablo is a tongue-in-cheek play on the Proof-of-Work consense mechanism used in Bitcoin. In Bitcoin, Proof-of-Work is used to mint new Bitcoin. With msoj, we instead will use a Proof-of-Diablo to mint new msoj.

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What is a Proof-of-Diablo?

A Proof-of-Diablo is simply a video recording of a Partner Creator selling Stone of Jordans and spawning diablo clone.

Several pieces of key data are recorded:

  • The Partner Creator submitting the Proof-of-Diablo
  • The exact number of Stone of Jordans sold
  • A permanent URL to a video recording of that Partner Creator selling the sojs and spawning dclone
  • A Bitcoin receive address (for the Partner Creator to receive funds)
  • A Bitcoin transaction ID showing a payment made to that Bitcoin receive address

Using Bitcoin and including it in the Proof-of-Diablo is critical for computationally-easy verification of the blockchain. Manually reviewing video data will quickly become an infeasible way of verifying authenticity.

Including a Bitcoin payment provides a computationally-easy way to verify that some Bitcoin moved for this Proof-of-Diablo, which we can take as "proof" that someone at some point reviewed the footage and deemed it accurate.

What is the point of Proof-of-Diablo?

There are a few reasons Proof-of-Diablo is set up this way.

First, it incentivizes Partner Creators to actually complete the task of collecting enough sojs, since they do not earn anything until they submit a successfull Proof-of-Diablo.

Second, it provides clear evidence of in-game sojs being sold before any new msoj is minted on the site. This ensures that anyone, anywhere, can verify the authenticity of the msoj currency.


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