v2.0 Release Notes

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v2.0 Release Notes

What's new in version 2.0

Jan 07, 2022




Jan 07, 2022

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Who needs an insight when you've got...

I got super tired of hearing "not enough mana" when leveling up a new sorc, so I slapped 5 tir runes in to a crystal sword (pictured above).

Reddit seemed to get a real kick out of this LOL!

What's new in version 2.0

Version 1.0 was a solid MVP, and I'm very glad to see that people seem to like the site. A huge thank you to anyone that has entered a ring so far, you guys rock! :) I've put some serious effort in to shoring up the architecture of the site to make it more scalable as I add different items, like jewels and boots.

Version 2.0 is a serious overhaul of the entire database schema. I have tried my best to migrate over any rings associated with users. They should still be in tact, and I do apologize if there is any data loss. This refactor should make it much easier to add/change things in the future, so I should never have to affect existing data like this again.

However that's all backend stuff, so let's move on to the cool new features!

Added Jewels and Boots!

You can now enter jewels and boots in to the site!

Admittedly, I'm not really sure about the maximum values for each mod, nor even all the possible mods. I'm working with my own little sample set so I captured at least some possibilities, but I'm sure I'll have to add mods and adjust hard caps as I learn more. If you know some of these values and can help me out then please contact me.

Expect the hard caps to change over time, and consequently the scores as well.

Changes to weights

Took a lot of inspiration from this guide on d2jsp. Generally, balanced weights and applied some thresholding on the weight contributions for each mod.
For more info check out this blog post.

See a detailed breakdown of weights for each item:

Set your own weights!

Users now have the option to set their own weights!
Define your own weights for different use cases and calculate the scores for all your own rings!

Once a lot of people have set their own custom weights I should be able to aggregate the data and generate a much more community driven score.

Fixed hard caps
New blog posts
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue with login form which limited passwords to 10 characters.
  • Fixed bug with pagination on my rings view. Pressing next/prev would route to the all rings page.
  • Fixed issue where some rings would get mistakenly deleted if they had a mod which no other ring had. This most likely may have affected rings with mana regen.


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