My Ring has a resistance above 30

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My Ring has a resistance above 30

How is that possible?

Jan 07, 2022




Jan 07, 2022

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Fire res, Light res, Cold res, and Poison res, all have a maximum roll of 30 for rare rings.

All resistances has a maximum roll of 11 for rare rings.

If a ring rolls both 'All Resistances' and any of the four single resistances, then it might show a total of greater than 30 for that resistance, but in fact that resistance's roll is still limited to 30.

The ring in the above image has a lightning resistance of 32. However we can see that it also has 6 resistance for the other 3 resistances.

This ring rolled:

  • 6 - Resist all
  • 26 - Lightning resist
Giving it the grand total of 32 for lightning resist, even though the lightning resist roll itself is still under 30.

Another example

This ring rolled:

  • 11 - Resist all
  • 11 - Lightning Resist
  • 12 - Cold Resist

None of the resistances are above 30, but the same thing is happening.


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