Runex Promo Giveaway

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Runex Promo Giveaway

Giving away a ton of gg gear!

Mar 25, 2022




Mar 25, 2022

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This giveaway is over!

Only 2 people actually tried the rune exchange and set up their profile bnet tag. So it's easy, they win lol.

Winners are:




To encourage users to try out the rune exchange upon release, I am giving away all of my top gear!

For a chance to win all of the gear on one of the characters below just trade on the rune exchange! Every completed trade enters you in to a raffle to win all of the gear on one character.

Winners will be selected at the end of the rune exchange alpha testing phase.

Note: winners must be able to meet me in game to get the stuff. I only have the PC version so unfortunately console players will not be able to accept if they win.


My softcore hammerdin.

full details

Satoshi was my first character upon launch. Hammerdins are definitely easy mode, so I was able to start farming hell chaos sanctuary by day 2. I eventually farmed myself all the end game gear like enigma, CTA, hoto, shako, etc.

This is my only real softcore character.

Mode: softcore

Key gg items

  • enigma
  • CTA
  • hoto
  • shako
  • torch


My hardcore windy druid.

full details

Tyler is my second windy druid on hardcore, after the first died clearing a nasty throne room. I learned a lot from the first attempt, max block is not optional on hardcore, and physical damage reduction is of paramount importance.

I sacrificed some fcr to boost the fhr and block rate on this guy, but he's a freaking tank. I could easily farm any area in the game on players 8.

Tyler may be my wealthiest character, and the only one that actually got an anni.

Mode: hardcore

Key gg items

  • anni
  • torch
  • hoto
  • CTA
  • stormshield


His name was Robert Paulson.
Bob had bitch tits.
My hardcore frenzy barb.

full details

Robert was so much fun to build and play. My experience building him has convinced me to start ladder with a barb. A hardcore barb, what can go wrong?

I horked trav a few thousand times with this guy and found at least half a dozen high runes: 1 Vex, 3 Ohms, 1 Lo, 2 Jahs.

Mode: hardcore

Key gg items

  • fort
  • ebotd
  • torch


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