v2.4.0 Release Notes

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v2.4.0 Release Notes


Apr 19, 2022




Apr 19, 2022

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Quick Shoutout

My man teebling from diablo2.io has added a diablo clone tracker to his site!

This is a really dope tool and I plan on using it a lot upon ladder reset. Check out his announcement thread on reddit.

What's new in version 2.4.0


You can now place your items up for auction! Check out the full details here: how auctions work

Fixing sigma bias

One thing I had not accounted for when initially programming the site was that a huge percentage of items entered would be, frankly, useless. I mean, just look at the distribution of caster PvM ring scores:

At the time of writing, there were 11,384 total rings in the database, and 1089 of them had a score of 0 (for the caster PvM use case).

This caused the average and standard deviations to both be skewed downwards. Consequently, it lowered the bar for everything else. So things were getting higher sigmas than they should have been getting.

I have changed how the average and standard deviation are calculated to ignore any items with a score of 0. This will raise the average score, and tighten the standard deviation.

Expect all items to have a lower sigma value. Check out the current score distribution.

Edit items

Some users requested the ability to edit items. Ask and you shall receive!

Users can now edit any of their existing items. Only the owner of an item can edit it.


You can now upload screenshots of your rare item!

This is optional for just getting a score and sigma. However, screenshots are required to place an item up for auction.

Optical Character Recognition

I took a whack at implementing some OCR. It sort of works, but very often will get some things wrong. It's a great starting point, and might make it a bit easier to enter items.

Rune Exchange

Thank you to those that participated in the rune exchange alpha testing phase! I gathered a lot of valuable feedback which I've tried to put in to effect in this release.

Initial rune prices

The most common concern was that the initial rune prices were drastically off from real market values. For initial rune prices I just set Pul = 40 pgems and doubled from there, just like the cube recipe. This drastically over-valued the higher runes, especially relative to each other.

Thus I have changed the base values for all runes based off of the Slash Diablo market prices, as shared in this reddit comment.

I adjusted the price of Pul for the different regions as well:

  • Softcore Non-ladder: 13 pgems
  • Hardcore Non-ladder: 20 pgems
  • Ladder (both): 40 pgems

This is a one-time adjustment. From here on forward all pgem equivalent prices will be based off of real trade data.


Another common complaint was that the timing requirements (see rune exchange etiquette) were too tight (orders only open for 1 hour).

I have relaxed this so orders stay open for 1 week. This really defeats the "on-demand" feel I was hoping to have, but no one using it also defeats that! lol

Thus, I have removed the "taker must make a game" workflow. When someone accepts an open order, the order's maker will be sent an email.

Changes to weights
  • Added bonus for circlets with 2/20 FCR
  • Reduced bonus points across the board
  • Dropped +2 skill points from 25 -> 20

Fixed hard caps
  • Light radius on rings 5 -> 7
  • Mana on magic rings 110 -> 120
  • MF on boots: magic 36->35, rare 36->25

  • New blog posts

    Added missing mods


    You guys will notice the addition of some sponsored links around the site. I've gotta pay the bills somehow! I hope they are not too intrusive.

    I'm going the route of affiliate partnerships. This means I earn a commission if you click on my link and make a purchase. If you feel like helping out the site, consider shopping with any of my affiliate partners.

    This way, I don't have to track any user data. I don't like my own data being tracked, so I definitely don't want to add to that with my own site.


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