v1.1 Release Notes

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v1.1 Release Notes

What's new in version 1.1

Dec 18, 2021




Dec 18, 2021

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My new toys

I just made my first ever Breath of the Dying for my lvl 91 hardcore frenzy barb, RobertPaulson. I horked an ohm rune out of trav a few weeks and traded it to a friend for the zod. I farmed keys and traded for the runes to cube up the vex (3x3 keys go for a gul on hardcore). The colossus blade I bought for 2xLem + 2xDkeys.

RobertPaulson had been rocking an eth balrog blade oath plus a phase blade lawbringer and that kicked ass in solo games, but the clear speed really suffered in full games. Now he's rocking this BotD + oath with a reaper's toll on the merc and I can clear any area in full games no problem!

Next up I need to find a ber to finish enigma for my level 92 hardcore windy druid, TylerDurden (found the jah like a month ago). I also want to respec my lvl 86 hardcore trapsin, MarlaSinger, to a riftsin.

I also found a cham rune in arcane sanctuary the day after I released this site. I figure it's the RNG gods rewarding me for making this site, but the irony gods laughing at me by giving me the most "charsi food" high rune there is. LOL! :D


I want to thank everyone that took the time to respond in this reddit thread. A lot of people said nice things and that was really awesome. :)

I read through all the comments and turned them in to issues on gitlab. I'm handling them as I can, and plan on releasing periodic updates as I get more and more community feedback. Please, keep it coming! :)

I have a lot of stuff planned but I wanted to put out this update as quickly as possible to address some issues with weights and some other misc issues.

What's new in version 1.1
Changes to weights
Added User profiles

So far this only allows you to keep track of your own rings, but I plan on expanding a lot.

For the next release I am planning on allowing users to define their own sets of weights. Sort of like specifying your own dream rings. Then I can score each ring against what people are actually looking for!


I am super excited for ladder and new runewords and buffs to underperforming skills! Oh man, I can't decide what I'm going to play first. My favorite is druid, but a blade trapsin sounds like a blast, and I want to try the new grim ward on barb.


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