v2.5.x hotfixes

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v2.5.x hotfixes

General fixes

May 10, 2022




May 10, 2022

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Ladder Week 1

Did you guys play ladder!? I've had a blast with my frenzy barb on hardcore. Even made it to #98 on barb hardcore ladder briefly! :) Check out my current build.

Version 2.5.x Hotfix

This post tracks several changes since the 2.5.0 release. I fixed lots of LLD hard caps since then. I didn't log all of them because there were a lot and I tried to fix them before I made this post. But from here on out I'll log them here.

On FCR and Leech

I recently posted a meme on reddit that generated more worthwhile conversation than I had anticipated.

Several people commented that FCR and Life/Mana Leech are critically important on rings because often those stats cannot be made up through other means like charms. That's an interesting point.

This site operates by assigning every mod a weight. As of now, FCR and Life/Mana Leech both had weights of 10, the max that any mod typically has.

That reddit thread demonstrated that there's a pretty wide gap between the group of people that think rare items are worthless without providing either FCR or Leech, and the other group of people that more readily accepts value from high rolls on other mods.

In order to try to compromise between those two groups of thought, I am doubling the weights for FCR and Leech to 20.

It's important to remember that FCR only helps the Caster use cases, and Leech only helps the Melee PvM use cases.

This should shift the distribution of scores to favor items with FCR and Leech, but also not completely eliminate the worth of items without those specific stats.

Fixed hard caps
Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue with pgem equivalents using the wrong region. All of the regions were defaulting to using softcore nonladder.


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