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Low Level Dueling

Apr 27, 2022




Apr 27, 2022

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What is Low Level Dueling?

Low Level Dueling is like any regular PvP in Diablo 2, but there is a level cap on characters (usually level 30).

Where as in regular PvP most builds are dominated by runewords and uniques, low level dueling forces players to get creative and take more advantage of magic, rare, and crafted items.

Scores of LLD Items

Magic, rare, and crafted items which are below level 30 may end up being more valuable than you may think. The values for mods may be lower than the actual max possible roll, but it may be the max possible under level 30.

Pre version 2.5.0, this site used the same hard caps to score mod rolls, regardless of the level of the item. As of version 2.5.0, this site will now provide additional LLD scores for any item with a level requirement of 30 or below.

The lower level 30 hard caps will be used to score LLD items. This will help improve the spread of LLD item scores, giving the sigma value more meaning.

Impossible LLD Item Rust Storm

Part of properly rating LLD items is ensuring that the database is not polluted with impossible items. Thus, as of release 2.5.0 all items with required level 30 or below which has mod rolls higher than what's possible for level 30, will be deleted!


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