Reputation, what is it?

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Reputation, what is it?

What does it mean, and how to earn/lose it?

Mar 25, 2022




Mar 25, 2022

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What is reputation?

In short, reputation keeps track of whether or not you follow through with trades.

It will be used to try to restrict spam on the site. Accepting orders and then not following through will cost you reputation. Go negative, and you will have to wait some time before you can use some site functions again.

I want this site to offer a more on-demand experience than what you might find with other trading options. Sort of like a crypto or stock exchange.

How to gain reputation

Gain reputation by successfully completing trades.

If both users confirm a trade completed successfully, then both users gain +2 reputation.

If only one user confirms a trade, then that user will gain +1 reputation.

If neither user confirms a completed trade, then neither gains any reputation.

How to lose reputation

Lose reputation by making/accepting trades but then not following through. This site enforces strict timing requirements when accepting a trade.

If you accept an order you have 1-3 minutes to create the game. If you fail to specify the game name and password within the time limit, then you will suffer a loss of -1 reputation.

What does reputation affect?

Reputation is used as a spam prevention mechanism. I tried to make it lenient enough that any serious trader can easily work within the time limits.

As long as your reputation remains above 0 you will have full access to all features on the site.

However, when your reputation goes negative you will have to wait some time before you can make or accept orders.


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