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Suffix and Prefix

How they affect the max scores on this site

Mar 24, 2022




Mar 24, 2022

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Charsi Food mods vs Battle Net mods

Unfortunately, the way I coded this site does not 100% line up with how the mods roll on d2 items.

Rare items in d2 roll a random amount of prefixes and suffixes. Sometimes, there is both a prefix and suffix mod which adds the same stat.

The most common one is attack rating on rings. Rings can roll both the platinum prefix (max 120 AR) and the radiance suffix (max 30 AR). This max the max possible AR on a ring 150.

What to do...

Admittedly, I'm not really sure how to handle this.

This site gives items points based off the weight of the mod, and how much that mod rolled vs it's maximum.

In a situation like attack rating on rings, I have to set the max possible to 150, or else some valid rings will be deemed invalid.

However, this now has the unfortunate side effect that rings must roll both the attack rating prefix and suffix to get the max possible points for attack rating.

Known examples

Here's a list of all the known instances where this can cause an issue:

  • Attack rating on rings
  • Max damage on jewels


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