Score over 100

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Score over 100

Max score is 100, right? WRONG!

Mar 24, 2022




Mar 24, 2022

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A score of over 100

A perfect score is defined as a rare item have all of the most desirable (highest weight) mods.

The ideal score any rare item can get depends on the max number of mods, the weights of those mods, and the use case.

All ideal scores are normalized to 100, just to be more human-readable.

Thus, the maximum score any item can get is 100, right? WRONG!

Crafted Items

All ideal scores are based off the maximum number of mods that rare items can have.

Crafted items typically have the advantage of possibly having 1 more mod. Thus, a very lucky roll on a crafted item can yield a score of higher than 100.

Bonus Points

Some mod combinations, like tri-res boots or dual-leech rings, have bonus points which can increase the score beyond 100.


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