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Auction Summary

Maker: primos17
Status: Open
Min hit? Min price not hit
Created: (18 days ago)
Last updated: (18 days ago)
Num days: 1


Mode: Softcore
Ladder?: Ladder
Region: Europe
Platform: PC

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Min asking price

Minimum asking price: Accepts pgem equivalent

  • 1x pgems

pgem equivalent:

1 pgems

Highest bid

no bids yet


=== Auction ===

Magic Amulet: Kenshi's Amulet of the Giant (req lvl 45)

SC/L/PC Europe

Min asking price: 1 pgems

Highest bid: none yet

=== Mods (1 / 2) ===

Skills: +3 to MartialArts (Assassin only)

Strength - 15 / 30 (average)

=== Scores by use case ===

Caster PvM score: 6.3 / 100 (Very Low)

Caster PvP score: 6.3 / 100 (Very Low)

Melee PvM score: 22.2 / 100 (Average)

Melee PvP score: 28.6 / 100 (Average)

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